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Free Training for Leaders to Employees

Prepare everyone for a successful employment experience with free training and consultation programs that bridge the gap between employers and neurodiverse employees. 

More than 75% of employers rate workers with intellectual disabilities or those on the autism spectrum as good to very good on most performance factors.


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Leadership Training – Manage with awareness and confidence

Inclusivity Training that is useful and actionable

FREE practical training to help employers and line managers build autism and neurodiversity awareness in the workplace. 

Autism & Neurodiversity Awareness Training offers managers a comprehensive overview of these commonly misunderstood identities and practical support strategies to make their workplaces and interactions more inclusive.

The courses are easily digestible and can be completed in just an hour. The training is delivered by Sonderly, a world leader in online autism and neurodiversity training. 

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Onsite Workplace Consultation – Practical strategies for inclusive solutions

Adapt the workplace to recruit and retain staff that are loyal and results-focused

With a focus on customized, easy-to-implement solutions, our Workplace Consultant will work with you and your staff to create a plan for a workplace that is inclusive and welcoming to neurodiverse employees and set up their managers to ensure a long-term, mutually successful relationship. 

This FREE program will also offer our eligible Employer Partners access to exclusive networking opportunities with GCA’s diverse talent pool and online manager training. 

The benefit is not just about inclusivity; it's about standing out as an organization.

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Neurodiverse Job Seekers – Skills for meaningful and inclusive employment

A FREE and innovative program that helps GTA-based autistic adults (18+) who are ready and available to work, to find full-time, meaningful, and inclusive employment.

An eight-week, full-time, in-person program focusing on employment and workplace etiquette. The program also includes consultation sessions with an employment facilitator, networking events with employers and a potential job placement with one of our partners.

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