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For general inquiries, please contact us at:


Phone: (416) 322-7877



2 sites in midtown Toronto
112 & 164 Merton St.


Mailing Address:

112 Merton St.
Toronto, ON
M4S 2Z8



164 Merton St.

Toronto, ON

M4S 3A8

Additional Information


Have questions about services, programs, and funding?

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Core Services

Have questions about IBI, ABA Classroom, or Social Skills programs?

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Ontario Autism Program

Have questions about Entry to School, Urgent Response Services or Caregiver Mediated Early Years programs? 

Please head to the Toronto Autism Services Network website for more information. 

Intensive Behaviour Consultation

For questions about Intensive Behaviour Consultation:

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Adult Services

For questions about Day Support or Social Club:

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Autistic Job Seekers

For questions about Employment Consultation or the Autism Workforce Development Hub:

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Respite or Camps

For questions about Respite or Camps:

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