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Children & Youth - OAP Fee for Service

Our fee-based OAP programs offer a variety of unique and innovative service offerings, including IBI, ABA classrooms, Essential Skills, and Social Skills and are based on the principles of Applied Behaviour Analysis.  

Featured Programs

4-6 Yrs

ABA Classrooms

Social skills, following routines, and functional communication are essential skills to help engagement in the traditional school environment.

3-12 Yrs

ABA Social Skills

Learn social communication, self-regulation and play skills in a fun group setting.

2-7 Yrs

IBI Program

Early intervention through Intensive Behavioural Intervention (IBI) is one of the best ways to improve the ability of autistic children to learn new skills.

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Children & Youth - OAP Free Services

We offer several funded OAP services and supports, including intervention services and family and caregiver training through the Toronto Autism Service Network (Toronto Autism Services).

Featured Programs

18-48 Mths

Caregiver Mediated Early Years

Caregiver Mediated Early Years focuses on teaching parents of young children techniques and strategies to support their child's development.

3-6 Yrs

Entry to School

This essential program helps your child build skills in the areas of communication, play, social interaction, behaviour, pre-academics, and attention.

0-18 Yrs

Urgent Response Service

Rapid, personalized services to address an urgent behaviour need, such as escalating risk of harm to self, others, or property.

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Custom-built adult programs are available for a variety of needs and include employment, social skills, peer groups, respite, and camps.

Featured Programs

18+ Yrs

Social Club

Social Club creates opportunities for autistic adults to share interests and experiences while building new relationships.

18+ Yrs

Autism Workforce Development Hub

Prepare everyone for a successful employment experience with free training and consultation programs that bridge the gap between employers and neurodiverse employees.

18+ Yrs

Community Options Program

The Community Options Program is designed for individuals who desire to become more involved within their community.

Camps and Respite

Get out and about with our camp and respite programs. Fun and safe, 1:1 support for school breaks, evenings, & weekends.

Featured Programs

4+ Yrs

Children & Youth Summer Day Camp

Experience the highlights of summer in Toronto

4-17 Yrs

Children & Youth Respite

Respite programs offer 1:1 support for children and youth to enjoy social, recreational and community activities while giving caregivers a planned break.

18+ Yrs

Adult Summer Quest Camp

Experience the highlights of summer in Toronto