Our diverse slate of adult services has something for everyone.

Geneva Centre offers a range of tailored adult services designed to support autistic adults (18+) on their journey towards independence and community participation.


Our adult services are rooted in collaboration and empowerment. Whether you're seeking to engage with your community, explore vocational opportunities or learn new skills, GCA is here to support you.


From a clinical and recreational day program, personalized consultations and dynamic group programs, our services are designed to help you thrive and succeed. 

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Programs & Services

18+ Yrs

Adult Respite

Experience the joy of respite programs, where adults can enjoy a fun-filled environment while caregivers take a well-deserved break.

18+ Yrs

Autism Workforce Development Hub

Prepare everyone for a successful employment experience with free training and consultation programs that bridge the gap between employers and neurodiverse employees.

18+ Yrs

Social Club

Social Club creates opportunities for autistic adults to share interests and experiences while building new relationships.