18+ Yrs

Adult Summer Quest Camp

Experience the highlights of summer in Toronto

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Adult Summer Quest Camp  $50/hr

  1 week

  9:30am - 3:30pm

  1 to 1

  164 Merton St.

  For more information, e-mail us at groupservices@autism.net or call (416) 322-7877.

Seasonal fun for all 

Recreational programming with a spotlight on engagement 


Geneva Centre camps offer each camper a week filled with recreational activities designed to engage one and all! Caregivers can rest assured knowing that dedicated 1:1 staff will meet each camper where they’re at while focusing on individualized support, safety and engagement. Camp counsellors collaborate with caregivers to ensure each camper is set up for continued success! Each day of camp has a new and exciting theme designed to capture the varying interests of each camper. Daily schedules include classic camp activities like group games, music, art, baking, and sensory activities, all adapted to meet the needs of each individual camper.  


What would a day at camp be without an adventure into the community? Our camps all incorporate daily outings in the community that allow each camper to soak in the outdoors while participating in a variety of experiences. From parks to swimming pools, museums to nature trails, outings will provide each camper with the chance to interact with their community while practicing safety and life skills.  After registering for a camp program, our Program Coordinator will contact you to gather more information about the camper, schedule a program orientation and address any inquiries.  


Camp runs throughout July and August.



  • Dedicated 1:1 staff support to meet the individual needs of each participant 
  • Opportunities to participate in a large variety of sensory, fine and gross motor activities 
  • A safe and consistent break that caregivers can rely on  
  • Offers opportunities for individual and group goal achievement  


Ideals Participants are: 

  • Aged 18+  
  • Looking for recreational and leisure opportunities  
  • Requiring 1:1 support in a group environment  
  • Camp fees can be partially reimbursed through Passport, or other means of payment